Epic-5100 Refraction System

Epic 5100

Imagine your life just got easier. Vision diagnostic results are faster, yet more accurate than ever. Patient throughput has increased by 50-75% and patient satisfaction has never been higher. And, you have more time to spend as you like, for personal leisure or patient care.

Meanwhile, your staff is more efficient and profits keep increasing. This is the EPIC refraction system at work. It’s today’s most innovative way to streamline operations, grow your business and build your dream practice.

The EPIC decreases work-up times to less than 10 minutes and performs the refractions in 3-5 minutes. Now you can confidently delegate data gathering to your technicians and focus on data assessment, diagnosis and prescribing a final correction.

Brought to you by Marco, the Leader In Vision Diagnostics®, the EPIC is efficiency on-sight. From office productivity to patient care to the exam room to the bottom line,

The remarkable new EPIC® 5100 includes all the advanced features of the EPIC® 2100 and adds the following for even greater efficiency:
• Color touch-screen
• Improved test and target design
• Intelligent cross cylinder
• Flash memory
• Three contrast and glare-testing modes
• Multiple near tests
• Tilt-screen for near testing
• Built-in near-reading card lights
• Table patient-height control
• Table safety cutoff
• New footprint
• One-touch toggle for "Quick Refract" sequence