G5 Background Illuminator

G5 Background Illuminator

• As the 1159 shares its light source with the slit lamp, its brightness and color temperature remain the same as the slit beam. There is no need to worry about light intensity balance or color temperature differences between the slit beam and the background illumination.

• Its output beam and the slit beam are both projected from the same "cold" mirror. Unlike other types of background Background Illuminators, there will be no shadows no matter where the slit illumination position may be.

• Unlike conventional systems, the 1159 does not require a power box that would occupy table top space.

• The output beam can easily be turned on and off by use of a lever on the projector unit.

• The lamp unit of your existing slit lamp can be replaced by the 1159 in a simple procedure.

• The 1159 can be used in combination with various types of video cameras as well as Marco's 1153 – Integrated Digital Oph Camera IDOC G5 and 1108 – Snapshot Digital Imaging Pkg G5.

1 Slit lamps on which the 1159 can be mounted are
Marco models G5, G5 Zoom, 5 and 2B.