T H E  N E X T  G E N E R A T I O N  O F  A U T O M A T E D  L E N S M E T E R

The Marco LM-600 and LM-1800 Automatic Lensmeter Series represent the latest technology in lens measurement, providing simple and rapid operation. Faster detection and measurement acquisition offers unparalleled functionality and performance versatility, making it the most advanced automatic lensmeter series available on the market today.

Hartmann sensor with 108 multiple measurement points Advanced simultaneous measurement of 108 multiple points within the nosepiece provides easier and faster measurements with greater accuracy and reliability.

Green measurement light Green light close to the ISO standard gives more precise measurement values without Abbe value compensation.

Automatic lens type detection Placing the lens on the nosepiece activates the auto lens detection to automatically determine the lens type and automatically switches its measuring mode accordingly.