Preview LCD Acuity System


PreView LCD Acuity System from Marco

• Extraordinarily simple, dedicated Acuity device.

• Aesthetically attractive, modern look.

• Comfortable, user-friendly remote control.

• Programmable for three separate refracting routines.

• Multiple levels of contrast sensitivity testing.

• Animation video for pediatric fixation.

• Patient education images.

• ETDRS, specialty testing charts.

• Randomization function helps prevent letter/character memorization.

As technology continues to influence your practice, it should equally influence your patients. The new PreView LCD Acuity System from Marco streamlines your refracting process while also impressing your patients. Equipped with all the computerized tests needed for a comprehensive eye exam, the new PreView delivers controlled results while embracing the most important feature–simplicity. Distinctively different and extraordinarily simple, experience the efficiency of computerized acuity testing with the new Preview from Marco.