SC-1600 LCD Acuity System


SC-1600 LCD Acuity Chart System high resolution LCD screen
• High resolution LCD screen provides awide range of popular Snellen, ETDRS,and stereo testing    options for binocular vision examinations.

• A dedicated, solid-state refracting device with an extreme emphasis on precise visual acuities.

• White background with uniform brightness for greater contrast and sharper letter edge quality.

• Incorporates all of the advanced features found on the first generation SC-2000 LCD Acuity Chart    System and the popular series of Marco automated chart projectors.

• Contrast sensitivity testing measures contrast at three distinctive levels below the normal    threshold.

• Randomization feature helps to prevent patient letter/character memorization.

• User-friendly remote control includes an LCD chart display window for convenient operator    reference.

• Ability to add up to 18 personalized images on removable SD card.