SC-1700 LCD Acuity System


SC-1700 LCD Acuity System for eye exams
• Incorporates the important clinical benefit of Polarization for stereo and binocular vision testing.

• A dedicated refracting device with an extreme emphasis on providing accurate and precise visual acuities.

• High-resolution 17-inch LCD Screen for high-performance acuity presentations.

• Selectable white or black background with uniform brightness for greater contrast and sharper letter edge quality.

• Wide range of popular Snellen, Specialty, and ETDRS charts.

• Utilizes many of the advanced features and chart selections found on the SC-2000 LCD Acuity System, and our industry-leading series of Automated Chart Projectors.

• Contrast sensitivity testing and letter/character randomization.

• Simple, user-friendly remote control includes an acuity display window for operator reference and glow-in-the-dark keypad.
• A customized slide show option allows the operator to download a selection of 18 personalized images to promote or enhance the commercial aspect of a practice. Two individual programming options allow the operator to pre-program any standard sequence of charts or refracting routines.
• Other advanced features of the SC-2000 include adjustable screen brightness levels, adjustable background light (white / black for specialty charts), and a reversible screen image for mirrored rooms.

Polarized Acuity Chart System

The new Marco SC-1700 Acuity Chart System combines all of the key technological advantages of our SC-2000 LCD system, but with the added clinical benefit of incorporating Polarization into a high-resolution 17-inch LCD screen.

A highly-specialized, dedicated refracting device with an extremee emphasis on precise visual acuities, the SC-1700's unique Polarization feature provides a variety of stereo testing options for binocular vision examinations. The SC-1700 Acuity Chart System displays each image in a white background with uniform brightness for greater contrast and sharper letter edge quality.