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Definition of XFRACTION

Fifteen years ago, work began by Nidek/Marco on the use of wavefront technology as a diagnostic tool in vision care. The objective was to develop a precise, clinically relevant diagnostic aberrometer. The result is what is now called the OPD-Scan III. Progress in this clinical wavefront journey represents XFRACTION™ : the "wavefront optimized refraxion" which provides a new level of efficiency and accuracy in subjective refraction.

The XFRACTION process uses the OPD-Scan III and the TRS-5100 (a digital refractor), to optimize the critical elements of a basic refraction in combination with new higher order information from wavefront aberrometry. The result is a new generation of refraction that includes:

  • Vector analysis refinement of the acuracty of the lower order refraction optimized through waverfront analysis of cornea and lens induced higher order aberrations and measurement of physiological pupil variations (photopic and mesopic), producing quantitative and qualitative changes in a patient's vision.
  • Final patient verification of their lower order prescription before leaving the exam room.
  • Absolute professional judgement and decision-making in the patient's needs' assessments and the customizing and personalizing of all prescription elements.

XFRACTION represents the state of the art in refraction - an accurate assessment of the patient's total visual system, in a fraction of the time. Rapid discernment of refractive direction is the achieved without eliminating the critical role of physician and patient validation. (See Full Message from Lou Catania, OD)


The Benefits of XFRACTION!

In under a minute you can discern which 80% of patients qualify for minimal refinement or require a full refraction - and:

  • Defines the total visual system most accurately
  • Have patients verify their old vs. new Rx
  • Maintain Full validation of every refraction
  • Grow Optical revenue by more than 20-30%
  • Increase total practice efficiency and best patient eye care
  • Elevate the total patient experience

We invite you to experience the excellence of Marco classical products firsthand. We think you will see the same, clear difference that thousands of practitioners have come to appreciate and trust.