Wada Optometry - The Star Trek Eye Doctor

Posted on Friday, April 21, 2017

Dr. Garrett Wada of Wada Optometry has a unique optometric practice. You notice it as soon as you step inside - it's like stepping into another world, or more appropriately, out of this world. Dr. Wada's practice is Star Trek themed. From the waiting area to the exam room to the Dispensing area, it's like boarding a starship.

"I've always been a Star Trek fan and I've always wanted to do something different for my office. Initially, I started hanging starship models in my practice and I put Star Trek photos up. It gave patients something to talk about," says Dr. Wada. One of his patients turned out to be a set builder for Hollywood movies and he offered to build a small Star Trek set for the office. "I was able to expand on the theme by finding props online and was fortunate to find two expert wood craftsman who put the final touch to my starship. I'd like to think this office is one-of-a-kind," Dr. Wada adds.

His futuristic practice is completed with high-tech optometric equipment including the EPIC-5100 workstation, Tonoref M3 autorefractor/keratometer/tonometer, and LM-1800 autolensmeter from Marco. They not only provide the technology that goes with Dr. Wada's theme, it's made his process efficient by quickly bringing all the data pulled from the TRS-5100 digital refractor, M3, and autolensmeter into his EMR system.

"The EPIC is a wow factor. Patients see the arrangement from where the doctor sits and where they sit - it's completely different from what they're used to," says Dr. Wada. His EPIC is modified to hold a slit lamp for easy patient transitioning. "Patients are in a great mood when they come in and see all the technology," says Dr. Wada. "People really are impressed by technology and I really recommend doctors to pursue that. Especially the EPIC and M3 because they make our lives easier and they make the exam process quicker and more accurate."

You can see more of Wada Optometry at www.wadaoptometry.com.

Posted by: Christine Van Assche