David A. Marco

David Gurvis

Jeff Perrye
Chief Operating Officer


Michael J. Crocetta, Jr.
Vice President of Marketing
Mike Crocetta Introduction Video

Jocelyn Hamilton
Vice President of Sales

Robert Kalapp
Vice President/Corporate Accounts


Brad Santora
Director of Sales - Classical Products
Brad Santora Introduction Video


Timothy Petito
Director of Professional Relations

Randall Dykman
Director of Sales West

Christopher Sarakaitis
Director of Sales East

Cheryl Bennett
Director of Customer Care


Dave McNeely
Director of Technical Services

Mayah Bowen
Director of Wavefront

Glenn Erickson
Director of Retina Products

Irwin Kronenberg
Director of Institutional Sales


Ruthann Schwab
Government Business Manager

Susan Manier
Marketing Communications Manager

Sue Corwin
Education Coordinator


Lennie Olson
EMR Integration Specialist


Erika Upton
Accounting & HR Manager