Dori Carlson, OD

A few years ago I decided to make a decision with my practice. Before that, my technology for doing refractions was a standard refractor and a retinoscope. So, what I decided to do was bring in the Xfraction process. The lensmeter, OPD Scan, the TRS 5100 series and we did the whole process so we can have that patient experience. How many times have you had a patient, usually in my practice, a forty to fifty year old male point to the refractor and say “how long have you had this, you have all of this other cool technology, but how long have you had this thing? which probably hasn’t changed since the seventies. So, I have more “wows”. I truly believe that the whole process gives me better data. I know more information about that patient’s refractive system before I even do anything. I know who is probably going to be able to see 20/20 and who is not because I get that information from the WaveFront. I truly believe that the TRS-5100 series or that type of process with the digitized refraction is really easier for the patients.