Group: Home Testimonials

Ben Gaddie, OD

I didn’t want to use a manual refractor, so I bought the EPIC refraction system. My staff and I trained on it for about a day, and I moved all of my refractions over to the EPIC with OPD and TRS-5100 refraction system. Using this system exclusively has led to better patient flow, increased precision in refractions, increased profitability and reduced risk of transcription errors. What’s more, the ergonomic features have eliminated my overhead arm movement. The console platform for the refraction is waist high. I operate it from a chair and simply turn one dial and push an occasional button. If you’ve experienced any neck or spin problems – or just want to avoid them – I recommend the OPD-Scan III and TRS 5100 combination refraction system.

Richard Prince, MD

The incorporation of the new EPIC-5100 automated refraction system along with the M3/TonoRef II into our practice has not only made the routine and post-op refractions more accurate, but has improved our refractive cataract surgery work flow – the post-op interim examinations between the two surgeries is quicker, more accurate and does not require any eye drops. Our technical staff really appreciate the enhancement to their work flow as well!