Group: iON Imaging System

Kimberly Tinge, OD

We’ve been very happy with our Ion. We had heard doctors speak about taking slit lamp pictures with their smartphones, but we’d never been able to do it well. The ion made it so simple. I do use it for billable pathology. But we also use it for smooth transitions of care between doctors when we have to hand off a complicated contact lens fit or an eye infection because one of us will be out of the office. That picture attached to their visit in our EHR is so much more descriptive than any note I could write.

John Warren, OD

I really enjoy the simplicity of the Ion imaging system. Patients enjoy being able to see images of their own eyes, especially when its nothing too serious and I use the images for patient education as well as to document more severe conditions of the anterior segment. Once the images are automatically exported I can upload them into my EHR and I can easily share them with other doctors as needed.

Wally Ryne, OD

Having the ability to show patient’s their cataracts, their ocular surface disease, corneal neovascularization, and all anterior segment disorders has been a fabulous tool to not only educate our patients but improve compliance with our recommended treatments.

Dennis DeLee, OD

The ion is easy to use and images are crisp and clear. I can mirror an image onto my screen with Airplay to share a problem with a patient. Seeing a problem the way I see it is very helpful in getting the patient to comply with my treatment plan. Easily seeing improvement as the patient continues treatment gives the patient positive reinforcement. Thanks for inventing the ion for me.