Group: M3 ARK with Tonometry

Richard Prince, MD

The incorporation of the new EPIC-5100 automated refraction system along with the M3/TonoRef II into our practice has not only made the routine and post-op refractions more accurate, but has improved our refractive cataract surgery work flow – the post-op interim examinations between the two surgeries is quicker, more accurate and does not require any eye drops. Our technical staff really appreciate the enhancement to their work flow as well!

Michael Chow, OD, MBA

The M3 from Marco provides us with fast and accurate refractive and keratometric measurements. The tonometry measurements are extremely accurate compared to Goldmann readings on the same patient. We decided to adopt EMR in our office; we are able to upload all the data from the M3 and the rest of our refraction directly into our EMR with a click of a button, where it becomes a permanent part of the exam record.

Richard Edlow, OD

We successfully increased our patient volume with the simple addition of a piece of equipment from Marco. We traded out our old autorefractor with the M3 which rapidly provides precise objective refraction, keratometry, and non-contact tonometry. I added one additional patient per hour when we implemented the M3 (operated by a staff member) so it quickly paid for itself.