Group: TRS-5100 Digital Refractor

Irvin Borish, OD

…Interpreting refractive data – not gathering it – will remain the cornerstone of Optometry. The future of the profession rests on its ability to adopt more of a medical model toward gathering patient data. Quantitative measures can be done on machines. A doctor should only perform functions that require clinical judgment.

Tim Couch, Operations Director

The Marco Refraction System has been a wonderful addition to our practice. It has helped us with clinical flow and efficiencies; improving glasses and contact prescription accuracy while decreasing the time to do glare testing etc. Our surgeons also depend on the OPD wavefront analysis to improve their outcomes. The system is a proven part of our refractive success!

Karen Wolf, OD

The TRS-5100 replaced our standard, manual refractors, a decades-old technology that had been in use since we opened our practice many years ago. It was time to evolve into an automated, state-of-the-art refractive system.

Troy White, OD

I love the topo and the higher order aberrations calculations on the OPD. It helps me to show and explain to those difficult to refract patients why they can see as well as they want to be able to see. The OPD and TRS in series integrate seamlessly with our EMR. This allows us to import all that important data without the fear of data entry errors. Plus it is so much faster and efficient for the patient to have that data imported into our EMR.

Kevin Wells, OD

Patients love the technology and they have the confidence knowing that they are getting the best exam they could possibly get.

Bryan M. Stoller, OD

The real reason I got my first TRS was because I was having shoulder problems from having my arms in the air all day with the manual phoropters. Almost immediately after I got my first TRS my discomfort went away and I felt better. I got one for my second exam room right away. My partner ordered two for his exam rooms, too. I can’t say with certainty that our optical sales have increased by a particular % but patients do appreciate seeing the improvement their new eyewear will give them. The other thing that came to me was that the TRS has made teaching our technicians to refract a breeze. The fact that they do preliminary refractions for all my exams gives me more face to face time with my patients and helps me to move between rooms more easily.

John Warren, OD

The ability to quickly and easily show my patients the difference in the visual experience with their current Rx and their new Rx is incredibly helpful for my patients and for me. Patients appreciate knowing how much better they will see with an Rx upgrade. I appreciate being able to directly demonstrate the difference in vision to patients and I’ve seen a significant increase in optical lens sales in my practice.

Jennifer L. Stewart, OD

The TRS-5100 is completely programmable, allowing for the delegation of the refraction to staff, if needed. It features the ability to compare the new prescription with the old one at the touch of a button, as well as a one-touch toggle for “quick refract” series.

Douglas Smith, OD

I am having fun exploring the options of my new Maserati, the Marco TRS. Quite an upgrade. All in all it is great to have working. The TRS is so wonderful, it keeps me able to practice without the posture and residual shoulder pain. This instrument probably extended my career by 20 years or more. I was always grumpy and in pain at work. Actually dreaded work, not the patients but the pain. Now I am gung ho, adapting the instrument options to my unique patients and having fun. Thank you and your company for this ergonometric salvation, for a fun experience installing, and allowing me to continue to serve my patients.