Group: TRS-5100 Digital Refractor

Chris Deibert, OD

The TRS has helped to make patient assessments more accurate and efficient overall, and the system is especially useful for cataract and LASIK co-managing practices.

Dori Carlson, OD

Our revenue per patient has risen. In part, that’s because the technology allows me to show people the changes in the Rx with a push of a button. Now I can say, “Here’s what you came in with, and here’s what I can do for you today.” When I had to hold lenses over their eyeglasses, it was much more difficult to show how even minor shifts could have an impact on their overall vision.

Dan Bintz, OD

The autorefractor is going to get a workout every day you are in the office. It just doesn’t make sense to buy some unknown piece of equipment regardless of the cost when it is such a vital part of your practice. What if all of your patients came in and asked where they could get the absolute cheapest pair of glasses? I wouldn’t drop ten grand on a generic piece of equipment. Both the hardware and software components of the Marco TRS-5100 are top notch. Under the hood, we were very impressed. We’ve never had a down day with our TRS and we plan to add more soon. Marco was also “easy to do business with” as far as back and forth communications with the tech dudes. It’s not very easy to be the best and cheapest – I relate that to car purchases and many other things. You get what you pay for in most cases and when you add the reliability and good service, the price isn’t a deal breaker in my opinion.

Robert C. Bauman, OD

We have increased our efficiency, improved patient satisfaction and reduced the training required by our technicians to provide truly state of the art eye care to our patients. Patients feel more confident; refer more of their friends and family members now that we are using 21st century technology in the office. In short, it is truly a win/win scenario for both our patients and our practice since we have partnered with Marco!

Christine Bartoletti, OD

The Marco refraction system has streamlined the refraction process. It reduces the “one or two” anxiety by allowing patients to view choices one and two simultaneously for part of the testing. It also allows patients to view the difference between their current glasses prescription and a new prescription with a touch of one button. The equipment results in a quicker examination with more accurate results.

Larry Patterson, MD

The addition of the TRS-5100 takes accuracy to a whole new level and provides me with the ultimate refraction information that we’ve been seeking. Now, we have happier, more satisfied patients with fewer remakes and they enjoy less time it takes being refracted.

JC Noreika, MD, MBA

The TRS meets all the utility criteria of advanced technology: the task of refraction is done more efficiently and accurately, while at the same time decreasing cost-my costs. And, I daresay, it makes refracting fun again.

Mitchell Jackson, MD

The TRS-5100 rapidly completes all refractions and allows immediate patient verification of old vs. new prescriptions. This device employs a split prism method, which translates to no longer flipping through lenses while asking patient “which is better, one or two?” This technology also instantly compares old and new prescriptions.

Charles Collins, MD

I cannot thank you enough for how well the TRS is working in our office. It is such a timesaver and has cut down on our remakes. This reduces our frustrations and increases our bottom line – both of which are great things! The TRS-5100 is highly accurate and I’m very confident in the quality of refraction.