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TRS-5100 Digital Refractor

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The TRS-5100 refractor benefits from Marco's latest generation of digital refraction technology. Replacing the standard refractor, it allows practitioners to control the entire refraction process from a keypad small enough to sit in your lap. And because the TRS-5100 is completely programmable, all the lenses are moved for you at the touch of a button, taking you to each new refraction step. While convenient for you, it is also helpful if you delegate refractions and want your technicians to perform the refraction steps in a specific order. Digital speed and accuracy instantly compares patients’ old & new Rx. The TRS refraction equipment can configure in the traditional lane or as part of the Epic workstation.


  • Digital accuracy
  • Split prism Jackson Cross cylinder
  • Instantly compares old/new Rx
  • 5 computer programs
  • Measurable range -29D to 26.75D
  • Cyl 0:00D to ±8.75D
  • Portable control pad
  • 8.4 inch color LCD touch screen
  • Tiltable for patient viewing
  • Minimizes repetitive stress injuries
  • Specifications
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  • Measurement Range
  • Sphere -29.00 to +26.75D (0.12D / 0.25D / 1D / 2D / 3D steps)
  • Cylinder 0 to ±8.75 D (0.25D / 1D / 2D / 3D steps)
  • Axis 0 to 180° (1° / 5° / 15° steps)
  • PD 48 to 80mm (far vision) 50 to 74mm (near vision) (0.5 / 1mm steps) 54 to 80mm (Far PD at which both batteries can converge)
  • Rotary Prism 0 to 20D (0.1 / 0.5 / 2D increments) 0 – 20D (0.5D, 1D, 2D steps)
  • Auxiliary Lenses Occluder, Polarizing Lenses, Pin Hole (1mm), 10 base-in prism, Red Maddox Horizontal (right eye), 6 base-up prism, Red Maddox Vertical (left eye), Cross mark for P.D., Red Lens (right eye), .50 fixed cross cylinder, Green Lens (left eye), Retinoscopic Lens, (+1.5D, +2.0D)
  • Refraction Distance for Near Vision 350 to 700mm (50mm increments)
  • Visual Field 40° (VD = 12mm) 39° (VD = 13.75mm)
  • Forehead Rest Adjustment 14±2mm
  • Vertex Distance 12-20mm (12, 13.75, 16, 18, 20mm) General Information
  • Horizontal Level Adjustment ±2.5°
  • Display 8.4-inch color LCD with touch screen
  • Printer Built-in
  • IC Reader/Writer Built-in
  • Power Supply AC 100 / 120 / 230V / 50 / 60Hz
  • Power Consumption 120 VAC Dimensions and Weight
  • Refractor Head Main Body 15.94 x 4.0 x 10.86” / 12.8” with bracket / 7.7 lbs.
  • Control Box 8.66 x 8.1 x 7.87” / 4.2 lbs.
  • Relay Box 7.63 x 8.93 x 2.83” / 8.8 lbs.
  • Printer 4.0 x 3.38 x 4.76” / 0.66 lbs.
  • TRS Arm Electromagnetic lock, fully moveable up/down and back/forth
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Charles Collins

I cannot thank you enough for how well the TRS is working in our office. It is such a timesaver and has cut down on our remakes. This reduces our frustrations and increases our bottom line - both of which are great things! The TRS-5100 is highly accurate and I’m very confident in the quality of refraction.

Charles Collins, MD
Middleton, RI

Mitchell Jackson

The TRS-5100 rapidly completes all refractions and allows immediate patient verification of old vs. new prescriptions. This device employs a split prism method, which translates to no longer flipping through lenses while asking patient “which is better, one or two?” This technology also instantly compares old and new prescriptions.

Mitchell Jackson, MD
Lake Villa, IL

JC Noreika

The TRS meets all the utility criteria of advanced technology: the task of refraction is done more efficiently and accurately, while at the same time decreasing cost-my costs. And, I daresay, it makes refracting fun again.

JC Noreika, MD, MBA
Medina, OH

Larry Patterson

The addition of the TRS-5100 takes accuracy to a whole new level and provides me with the ultimate refraction information that we’ve been seeking. Now, we have happier, more satisfied patients with fewer remakes and they enjoy less time it takes being refracted.

Larry Patterson, MD
Crossville, TN

Christine Bartoletti

The Marco refraction system has streamlined the refraction process.  It reduces the "one or two" anxiety by allowing patients to view choices one and two simultaneously for part of the testing. It also allows patients to view the difference between their current glasses prescription and a new prescription with a touch of one button. The equipment results in a quicker examination with more accurate results.

Christine Bartoletti, OD
Green Valley, AZ

Dan Bintz

The autorefractor is going to get a workout every day you are in the office. It just doesn't make sense to buy some unknown piece of equipment regardless of the cost when it is such a vital part of your practice. What if all of your patients came in and asked where they could get the absolute cheapest pair of glasses? I wouldn't drop ten grand on a generic piece of equipment. Both the hardware and software components of the Marco TRS-5100 are top notch. Under the hood, we were very impressed. We’ve never had a down day with our TRS and we plan to add more soon. Marco was also “easy to do business with” as far as back and forth communications with the tech dudes. It’s not very easy to be the best and cheapest - I relate that to car purchases and many other things. You get what you pay for in most cases and when you add the reliability and good service, the price isn’t a deal breaker in my opinion.

Dan Bintz, OD
Elk City, OK

Dori Carlson

Our revenue per patient has risen. In part, that’s because the technology allows me to show people the changes in the Rx with a push of a button. Now I can say, "Here’s what you came in with, and here’s what I can do for you today." When I had to hold lenses over their eyeglasses, it was much more difficult to show how even minor shifts could have an impact on their overall vision.

Dori Carlson, OD
Park River, ND

Steven Chander

When you showed me that the system would not only pay for itself by facilitating the sales of multiple eyewear, but we would also be more efficient in seeing at least 2.5 more patients a day, I didn't understand this concept until it was demonstrated. When I attended your meeting in Jacksonville, I also learned that workflow was not only your specialty in the area of refraction, but the entire process of examination. We discussed the 'one-point' or one touch examination whereby we see the patient from start to finish including dilation before we send out to optical ... or frame select first, then examination dilation, then measurements. Brilliant! As we are able to see 4 more patients a day with workflow enhancement that we adopted over 11 years ago that you introduced us to, and we've enhanced and tweaked about 5 years ago when we invested in the TRS. We are looking now to add 3 more TRS systems in our clinic.

Steven Chander, OD
Chicago, IL

Chris Deibert

The TRS has helped to make patient assessments more accurate and efficient overall, and the system is especially useful for cataract and LASIK co-managing practices.

Chris Deibert, OD
Luray, VA

Barry Eiden

The TRS system provides a level of refractive detail not attainable with traditional manual phoropter use. The TRS can refract down to 1-degree axis and 0.12 diopter power steps (for sphere). For some patients, such detailed outcomes can make the difference between an acceptable and an exceptional refractive correction. We now have ophthalmic laboratories that can fabricate lenses to those levels of specificity. This raises the bar in terms of the quality of vision correction we can provide for our patients. 

Barry Eiden, OD, FAAO
Deerfield, IL

Kurt Finklang

The quick lens comparison is nice, but the big thing for me is how much easier exams are on my body now.  The ergonomic designs has alleviated much of the aches and shoulder pains as compared to the manual refractor.

Kurt Finklang, OD
Troy, MO

Les Friedman

We looked at virtually all of the autorefractor models from the various companies.  We chose the Marco TRS because of the great degree of automation. This will help with patient flow.  The ARK series also showed to be more consistent and accurate during the demonstrations versus non-Marco models.

Les Friedman, OD
Moorestown, NJ

Ben Gaddie

Optical conversions are dependent on many factors, not the least of which is the patient’s perception of their need to update their vision or style. The TRS digital refraction process allows me to compare patients’ refractive outcomes with their current glasses. One touch of the button and I can simultaneously demonstrate the difference - allowing the patient to “see for themselves” the magnitude of improvement and the value of the change. My conversion rate and multiple pair metrics have never been higher.

Ben Gaddie, OD
Louisville, KY

Marcus Gleaton

I’ve increased my examination slots by four per day after only 4 weeks of use. I estimate my comprehen­sive eye examinations are up 10% over last year, without adding any hours to the schedule.

Marcus Gleaton, OD
Aledo, TX

Having the technicians refract on the EPIC has been a benefit to my practice. There has been a definite WOW factor with our patients that we did not anticipate. Also, It gives the doctors more time with the patient to focus on eye health and completing EMR. And, of course, we are able to see more patients each day with the improved patient flow.

Vince Graniero, OD
Rochester, NY

Harvey Hanlen

We have a higher success rate with the high-end, digital lenses I want my patients to have. The TRS-5100 gives patients the power to decide if a prescription upgrade will be valuable.

Harvey Hanlen, OD
Boalsburg, PA

William Harrison

Marco had a new TRS 5100 and it was in our office in 48 hours accompanied by the sales representative. He was in the office immediately not only to install but to train us on how to use the new instrument properly. Subsequently he has been available immediately upon a phone call to answer any and all questions and has made several visits to our office. Instead of just an equipment salesman he understands the implementation of the technology into our patient flow and has helped us maximize the benefits of automating our refraction process, including the importance of the patient WOW factor to help differentiate our practice.

William Harrison, OD
Laguna Beach, CA

Joel Hayden

I first was told of the benefits of the RT-5100 as a time saving measure due to our new EMR system slowing us down.  It greatly enhanced our exam time, reducing the issues we had with our new EMR system.  What I wasn't expecting was how fast my refractions would become.  My 7+ minute refractions are now around 3 minutes.  And here is the crazy part. They are more accurate too.  Our redo rates have dropped to near zero.

Joel Hayden, OD
Mansfield, MA

Grady Hollenbeck

I love my Marco Refracting System. The best part is being able to show the patient the difference in vision between their old prescription and new, with just the push of a button. I've also found I really appreciate the improved ergonomics I enjoy throughout the day.

Grady Hollenbeck, OD
Covington, WA

April Jasper

When I started the process of searching for an automated refracting system I didn’t know the importance of integration with EMR. I purchased my first system before EMR was popular. Now that I have been teaching others how to use EMR and have had 7 years of experience with integration of equipment I can truly appreciate the seamless integration of the Marco system. More than 50 mouse clicks are eliminated by this seamless integration and just the push of one button. The time saved in the exam room is priceless.

April Jasper, OD
West Palm Beach, FL

Gary Kirshner

I always knew about the Marco TRS-5100 refraction system but thought it would be too expensive to incorporate into my office. Lo and behold, Marco sent an email blast last November reminding me about tax credits so I called my representative to work out some numbers and voila, I now have one of the best purchases I have made in my 34 years of practice. Not only are my patients wowed by me having the latest in refractive technology but the speed, ease and accuracy allows more time evaluating the health of their eyes. 

Gary Kirshner, OD
King of Prussia, PA

Andrea Knouff

The Marco refraction system has completely changed the way I practice optometry.  This innovative technology has enabled me to cut down on my time refracting, allowing me to spend more quality time with my patients. The ease of the system allows me to proficiently see more patients. I rarely go a day without patient commenting on how high tech my office is and how quick and painless an eye exam has become. I’ve gotten patient referrals from other customers exclusively based on how impressed they were with my equipment. In today’s internet savvy world we must stay up to date on technology and separate ourselves from the competition.

Andrea Knouff, OD
Atlanta, GA

Richard Levin

The Marco TRS refracting system has proven to be the most significant addition ever made to our practice.  The technology allows for the most comprehensive, expeditious, accurate refraction possible.  The "wow" factor has increased optical sales by 15% in year one and continues to enhance the patients experience in our practice.

Richard Levin, OD
Baltimore , MD

Lori Lippiatt

Marco is clearly the Industry leader with digital refraction technology, training, and support, which influenced my decision to choose Marco digital refraction systems for our busy practice.  Marco has been in the eyecare industry for nearly fifty years.

Lori Lippiatt, OD
Salem, OH

Oliver Lou

My investment in the Marco automated refraction system has been one of the best I've made. The technology offers efficiency, reliability, great medical and refractive information, and a phenomenal wow factor to patients. Because of its efficiency and accuracy, it's enabled me to consistently have one less employees and see 3-6 more patients a day. Over the last 8 years with Marco, I've bought 9 automated lanes and 2 OPD autorefractors. I cannot imagine how my practice could have grown so much and so fast without having integrated Marco automated refractive technology.

Oliver Lou, OD
Cedar Park, TX

Tom Mahon

The TRS just works. The refraction is completely controllable without delay in response and is consistent. We've not had any glitches of any kind with it whereas the CV5000 is delayed in response, often sticking mid program with slow response to command and sometimes no response requiring multiple toggles or simply reboot.

Tom Mahon, OD
Snellville, GA

Elizabeth McMunn

The Marco TRS system has revolutionized our practice.

Elizabeth McMunn, OD
East Lyme, CT

Michelle McReynolds

My patients are impressed with the technology and I like the quick old vs new comparison. The TRS increases efficiency, which leads to more opportunities for optical sales.

Michelle McReynolds, OD
Kirkwood, MO

David Mills

The Marco technology has certainly increased productivity within my practice. The TRS has not only improved my efficiency, but has enhanced my patient’s experience. Patients love the technology and we loves its positive impact on our practice in the exam lane, in optical and in patient referrals.

David Mills, OD
Warwick, RI

Scot Morris

Our practice’s favorite refractor is the Marco TRS-5100. Not only is it quiet, fast, efficient and comfortable, but it also has the "cool" factor. It allows us to evaluate, document and auto-populate (using our Exam Writer software) each patient’s unaided visual acuity, lensometer reading, acuities with eyeglasses, auto-refraction, subjective refraction values, associated acuities, phorias and even the keratometer readings (if your ARK or OPD is synched up). You can even check and document phorias, vergences, fusion status, stereopsis, near acuities, NPA, NPC, NRA and PRA. If the TRS-5100 could read and fit soft contact lenses, it might be able to examine patients without me!

Scot Morris, OD
Conifer, CO

Samantha Nogales

Having the TRS system has cut down so much on the time required to enter data into the phoropter and into the electronic health record. It shortens the time doing the refraction, and the choices are easier for patients, who often get stressed about determining which is clearer.

Samantha Nogales, OD
Tuscon, AZ

Jay Monson

The process Marco implements, leads to increased profitability and efficiency. The EPIC allows more quality time with patients to make recommendations, while increasing the number of patients I can see each day. It also has a tremendous WOW effect on patients!

Jay Monson, OD
Owatonna, MN

Before installing my new Marco refracting instruments, I was experiencing neck and shoulder pain. My discomfort has markedly decreased. By making the refractive process faster, I am able to fit more patients into the day. This frees up time for administrative duties, patients are impressed by the technology. Thank you Marco for making refracting exciting again!

Lisa Privett, OD
Alamo, TN

Ryan Rosemore

The refraction itself is extraordinarily accurate.

Ryan Rosemore, OD
Plano, TX

Douglas Smith

I am having fun exploring the options of my new Maserati, the Marco TRS. Quite an upgrade. All in all it is great to have working. The TRS is so wonderful, it keeps me able to practice without the posture and residual shoulder pain. This instrument probably extended my career by 20 years or more.  I was always grumpy and in pain at work. Actually dreaded work, not the patients but the pain. Now I am gung ho, adapting the instrument options to my unique patients and having fun. Thank you and your company for this ergonometric salvation, for a fun experience installing, and allowing me to continue to serve my patients.

Douglas Smith, OD
Medford, OR

John Warren

The ability to quickly and easily show my patients the difference in the visual experience with their current Rx and their new Rx is incredibly helpful for my patients and for me. Patients appreciate knowing how much better they will see with an Rx upgrade. I appreciate being able to directly demonstrate the difference in vision to patients and I've seen a significant increase in optical lens sales in my practice.

John Warren, OD
Racine, WI

Kevin Wells

Patients love the technology and they have the confidence knowing that they are getting the best exam they could possibly get.

Kevin Wells, OD
Destin, FL

Troy White

I love the topo and the higher order aberrations calculations on the OPD. It helps me to show and explain to those difficult to refract patients why they can see as well as they want to be able to see. The OPD and TRS in series integrate seamlessly with our EMR. This allows us to import all that important data without the fear of data entry errors. Plus it is so much faster and efficient for the patient to have that data imported into our EMR.

Troy White, OD
Chattanooga, TN

Karen Wolf

The TRS-5100 replaced our standard, manual refractors, a decades-old technology that had been in use since we opened our practice many years ago. It was time to evolve into an automated, state-of-the-art refractive system.

Karen Wolf, OD
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Robert C. Bauman

We have increased our efficiency, improved patient satisfaction and reduced the training required by our technicians to provide truly state of the art eye care to our patients. Patients feel more confident; refer more of their friends and family members now that we are using 21st century technology in the office. In short, it is truly a win/win scenario for both our patients and our practice since we have partnered with Marco! 

Robert C. Bauman, OD
Stowe, VT

Gary R. Maglio

I have to say there is only one word to describe the Marco RT-5100. WOW. That word not only describes how much easier, faster, and more efficient it is to do refractions, but also is the word my patients use when I am done. They are positively amazed at the technology and convinced that my office is cutting edge and engaged in the latest and best equipment in fulfilling their eye care needs. The investment made in the purchase of the RT-5100 is an investment in patient management and patient retention. My only regret is not buying it sooner. I absolutely look forward to filling all my lanes with this system. Way to go Marco, thanks for making my life simpler.

Gary R. Maglio, OD
Plainville, CT

Brian O'Donnell

The awe expressed by patients after experiencing the Marco TRS-5100 Digital Refractor provides a value that cannot be quantified. Further, the precision of the final refraction allows for truly excellent vision, a great reduction in remakes and, most importantly, happy patients. From the data upload to final refraction is 3-5 minutes, allowing for more than two patients more per day, which, in turn, generates an increase in revenue of $696. Our optical sales have increased each year at least 15 percent on average.

Brian O'Donnell, OD
Shavertown, PA

William V. Padula

I would like to thank you for introducing me to the Marco TRS automated ophthalmic equipment. It has made a significant difference with being able to conduct the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation exam.

William V. Padula, OD
Guilford, CT

Sasha L. Radford

After using the TRS for the past two and a half years, I would never want to go back to using the old phoropter. In our Pontiac location, the TRS has made it possible to train our technicians to refract. This allows us more face to face time with patients to educate them about conditions and answer their questions.

Sasha L. Radford, OD
Pontiac, IL

Donna Shotwell

I’ve had the Marco TRS-5100 for about a year now. After practicing for 30 years, it’s nice to just sit there to refract and the WOW factor with patients is fun. They love to be able to see their choices side by side and now I understand how other doctors using the same system get accurate axis down to the single digits.

Donna Shotwell, OD, PA
Sarasota, FL

Jennifer L. Stewart

The TRS-5100 is completely programmable, allowing for the delegation of the refraction to staff, if needed. It features the ability to compare the new prescription with the old one at the touch of a button, as well as a one-touch toggle for "quick refract" series.

Jennifer L. Stewart, OD
Norwalk, CT

Bryan M. Stoller

The real reason I got my first TRS was because I was having shoulder problems from having my arms in the air all day with the manual phoropters. Almost immediately after I got my first TRS my discomfort went away and I felt better. I got one for my second exam room right away. My partner ordered two for his exam rooms, too. I can’t say with certainty that our optical sales have increased by a particular % but patients do appreciate seeing the improvement their new eyewear will give them.  The other thing that came to me was that the TRS has made teaching our technicians to refract a breeze. The fact that they do preliminary refractions for all my exams gives me more face to face time with my patients and helps me to move between rooms more easily.

Bryan M. Stoller, OD
Pontiac, IL

The Marco Refraction System has been a wonderful addition to our practice. It has helped us with clinical flow and efficiencies; improving glasses and contact prescription accuracy while decreasing the time to do glare testing etc. Our surgeons also depend on the OPD wavefront analysis to improve their outcomes. The system is a proven part of our refractive success!

Tim Couch, Operations Director
Atlanta, GA