Specifically, XFRACTION is an industry shaping process that optimizes refraction (and all the downstream benefits of enhanced refractive diagnostics), with the addition of the most advanced wavefront technology available. At its core, XFRACTION provides the most comprehensive picture of the total visual system (in a fraction of the time), and a rapid diagnostic triage process for physicians.

The OPD-Scan III integrated wavefront technology:

  • Integrates Autorefraction, Keratometry, Pupillometry, Topography, and Wavefront Aberrometry
  • Utilizes more than 2500 measurements
  • Measures a 9.5 mm pupil
  • Corneal topography is defined by more than 11,000 data points
  • Provides patients physiological optics

The TRS-5100 digital refraction system: 

  • Integrates all OPD-Scan III Data
  • Identifies patients requiring simple refinements from full refractions
  • Instantly compares old to new Rx for patients
  • Saves 5-7 minutes per examination
  • Increases patient flow, efficiencies, and daily patient capacity


The Benefits of XFRACTION!


The OPD­-Scan III wavefront aberrometer/corneal analyzer projects over 2500 light vectors through the widest optical pathway, to map out the complete visual system. Minimal extrapolation translates into more real, accurate, and usable information – unique to each patient. In 10 seconds, over 20 diagnostic measures are determined. In less than a minute, the OPD allows rapid discernment between patients who will require minimal refinement or a full refraction to achieve 20/20.  More importantly, this instrument can determine which patients cannot correct to 20/20...and optically why not.


The refractive starting point as determined by the OPD Scan III is automatically transferred to the TRS-­5100 digital refractor – where either minor refinements or full digital refractions are completed. The TRS system provides unparalleled accuracy, repeatability, speed, and efficiency in completing any refraction, in the hands of any operator. Patient verification of the result and professional validation remains an integral part of the examination process. Immediate comparison of old vs. new Rx assures patients of the value of the prescribed change. Time saved in waiting and testing is reinvested in quality time utilization, enhanced patient experience, and practice productivity.

OPTIMIZED OUTCOMES - IMPACT (on the Patient Experience and Practice Profitability)

Practices benefit from the XFRACTION process in numerous, significant ways.  Improved analytics and faster exam times translate to more reliable diagnostic and surgical outcomes and expanded capacity, respectively. By determining the best optical Rx, reducing remakes, and providing superior IOL selection to optimize the surgical outcomes, positive  cash flow and overall profitability are improved. Patients experience real satisfaction and confidence in the quality of each visit.. They are partnered within their examination process, their understanding of their conditions, and results. The elevated patient experience can be directly measured by patient loyalty and referrals.