Dan Bintz, OD

The autorefractor is going to get a workout every day you are in the office. It just doesn’t make sense to buy some unknown piece of equipment regardless of the cost when it is such a vital part of your practice. What if all of your patients came in and asked where they could get the absolute cheapest pair of glasses? I wouldn’t drop ten grand on a generic piece of equipment. Both the hardware and software components of the Marco TRS-5100 are top notch. Under the hood, we were very impressed. We’ve never had a down day with our TRS and we plan to add more soon. Marco was also “easy to do business with” as far as back and forth communications with the tech dudes. It’s not very easy to be the best and cheapest – I relate that to car purchases and many other things. You get what you pay for in most cases and when you add the reliability and good service, the price isn’t a deal breaker in my opinion.