Warranty Information

Warranty Information & Notices

Marco instruments are warrantied by Marco Healthcare against defective materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of one year from the date of original purchaser invoice. (An authorized distributor is not an original purchaser.)

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Support Expiration Notices

Marco Legacy equipment (manufactured 8 years ago or more) may no longer be serviceable, as replacement parts become unavailable. As near Legacy devices require service, the following process can realistically be expected:

The account requiring product repairs would incur shipping costs, assessment fees (to inspect the device and determine service feasibility), or labor and parts fees (if determined as serviceable), loaner equipment costs (if needed, or available), with a limited 30 day warranty (on parts only).

Due to these unavoidable higher costs on aging equipment, potential practice downtime inconvenience, and short term, limited warranties available on such equipment, we strongly encourage our valued accounts to consider alternative, proactive options that will best serve their practice. Please check your equipment against the product table below.

To learn more about the latest Marco technologies, all valuable upgrade promotions currently available, or to arrange any practice consultation/planning needs, please contact Marco directly at 800.874.5274 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Marco Legacy Products

  • AR-800
  • ARK-900
  • AR-600
  • ARK-700A
  • ARK-730A
  • ARK-760A
  • ARK-500A
  • ARK-510A
  • ARK-530A
  • ARK-560A
  • RKT-7700
  • ARK-9000
  • ARK-10000
  • ARK-10000-II
  • ARK-30 (5-digit Serial # beginning with “3” only)
  • LM-990
  • LM-990A
  • LM-970
  • LM-1000
  • LM-1000P
  • LM-1200
  • NT-2000
  • TRS-1200
  • RT-2100
  • RT-2100E
  • RT-900
  • COS-1000
  • COS-1200
  • EPIC-2100

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