Marco Support for Vision Care of Ebola Survivors in West Africa

Marco is proud to support Drs. Jessica Shantha and Steven Yeh for their Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Initiative with the use of the Handyref-K Portable ARK.

The EVD Initiative at Emory Eye Center provides care for Ebola survivors in West Africa while researching the effects of the Ebola virus's on the eyes. Many Ebola survivors develop uveitis or cataracts.

Dr. Shantha writes:

"We recently traveled to Sierra for two separate screening programs. The first was in April where we examined (ocular exams) 100 pediatric Ebola survivors and close contacts. Additionally we traveled to Sierra Leone in June and in partnership with USAID/JSI we screened over 650 Ebola survivors. The portable autorefractor was extremely helpful for both programs and we will continue to bring it on future trips. Thank you for working with our team!"

For more information on the EVD Initiative, please go to:

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Excellence in Customer Support

Marco proudly serves our customers and Greg does it with complete dedication! He’s a superstar in every sense of the word. Thank you, Greg!













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Anatomy of a Practice Re-Branding

Brian O'Donnell, OD describes how getting new Marco equipment helped with the re-branding of his practice, New Era Eye Care.

"Our technology investments also made us more efficient. For example, our purchase of the Marco TRS-5100 Digital Refractor allowed us to see more patients per day, and to improve the quality of the patient experience. Not only is time saved per patient encounter, but the exactness of the refraction is apparent as judged by a patient satisfaction survey about their vision with their new spectacle prescription. Patients also continuously express pleasant surprise at the automation and time saved with this advanced refractor and EHR integration.

The awe expressed by patients after experiencing the Marco TRS-5100 Digital Refractor provides a value that cannot be quantified. Further, the precision of the final refraction allows for truly excellent vision, a great reduction in remakes and, most importantly, happy patients. From the data upload to final refraction is 3-5 minutes, allowing for more than two patients more per day, which, in turn, generates an increase in revenue of $696. Our optical sales have increased each year at least 15 percent on average."

Brian O’Donnell, OD, owns New Era Eye Care in Shavertown, Penn. 

You can read the full article on the Review of Optometric Business website here:

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Marco Equipment in Winning Photo of the 2017 Smithsonian Photo Contest

Marco equipment was featured in the 15th Annual Photo contest. The Reader's Choice award went to "Rare" by Sara Jacoby.


This is Maggie. She has two rare chromosome duplications, one of which she’s the only child on record to have. This photo captures not only her vulnerability, but also the magnitude of the science for which we are so grateful. A little girl and her “Gigi” already way too familiar with hospitals and doctors offices than any child should be.

Shown in the photograph is the Marco EZ Tilt Chair and the Deluxe 2 Stand.

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TS-310 Tabletop Refraction System and LM-7P Auto Lensmeter Won the “Red Dot Award 2018”

Marco is proud to announce that the Tabletop Refraction System TS-310 and the Auto Lensmeter LM-7P received the “Red Dot Award 2018”, one of the three world design awards in Germany. (*1)

The Red Dot Design Award is an internationally recognized design award presented by the German organization: Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen Design Center since 1954. The Red Dot Design Award has been awarded to product designs, which are commercialized in past 2 years. Winning designs are selected according to the strict criteria, preceding Innovative conception, Functionality, Human Engineering, Ecology, and Duration.

The review committee presents awards to 3 categories, and the TS-310 and the LM-7P were awarded as "Medical Instruments and Technology" in "Product Design 2018"beating out companies from 59 countries which applied for the Product Design category. 

For more information about TS-310, please click here.

For more information about LM-7P, please click here.

*1) The three major international design awards: iF (Germany), International Design Excellence Awards (USA) and the Red Dot Design Award (Germany)

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Don't Discount Using Portable Diagnostics for Daily Use

WHY? "I find that small, portable equipment is less intimidating for patients and gives them a better patient experience," says Dr. Adam Ramsey of Iconic Eye Care in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

HOW? "I use Marco's HandyRef autorefractor for kids and anyone in a wheelchair. Instead of moving the patient around, I bring the equipment into the exam room when their eyes are dilated and this is less cumbersome and more efficient."


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Marco works to help Vision is Priceless improve vision health

The Vision is Priceless non-profit was featured on local Jacksonville network Channel 4's River City Live. The interview was set up with the Arlington Lions Club and Eye Clinic to discuss the relationship with Vision is Priceless and the wonderful vision services they provide together to the community. 

Marco works closely with Vision is Priceless. In February 2018, a Vision is Priceless free clinic was held at the Marco headquarters.

Marco Clinic Stats:

  • 70 Eye Exams
  • 68 Pair of Glasses (Prescribed and Fit)
  • Scheduled 16 for follow up services:
    • Eight people referred for glaucoma issues
    • Two for cataracts
    • Three for retinal issues
    • One for glaucoma and cataracts
    • One for a cornea issue
    • One for an eye trauma issue

Those in need were able to get proper eye exams! Thanks to the volunteers for their time!


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The Evolution of Telemedicine in Eye Care

Dr. Timothy Petito shared his thoughts on telemedicine in eye care in the latest issue of Advances in Ophthalmology and Optometry.

Key Points

  • Telemedicine is here to stay, and its use will increase into the future.
  • The existence of telemedicine creates a challenge for the health care system in defining its appropriate use.
  • The use of remote data gathering should be included in the care of patients as indicated on a case-by-case basis and at the direction of the practitioner ordering the test or responsible for the care of the patient, just as all other testing approaches would be in the office or clinical setting.
  • The prevailing standard of care should be adhered to regardless of whether the health care services are provided via in person interactions, telemedicine, or any combination thereof.

The article is free to read until September 2017. You can read the full article by clicking here.

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NEW Ultra M Series Slit Lamps!

Imagine complete satisfaction. Now Imagine Ultra. The Marco Ultra M Series is an inspiring orchestration of the Ultra Optics pedigree, elegant and intelligent design, progressive engineering, and functional flexibility. Never have more relevant design enhancements been assembled in a single slit lamp series. It’s time to expand your expectations beyond conventional limitations.

We’ve reimagined better…and beyond.

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Wada Optometry - The Star Trek Eye Doctor

Dr. Garrett Wada of Wada Optometry has a unique optometric practice. You notice it as soon as you step inside - it's like stepping into another world, or more appropriately, out of this world. Dr. Wada's practice is Star Trek themed. From the waiting area to the exam room to the Dispensing area, it's like boarding a starship.

"I've always been a Star Trek fan and I've always wanted to do something different for my office. Initially, I started hanging starship models in my practice and I put Star Trek photos up. It gave patients something to talk about," says Dr. Wada. One of his patients turned out to be a set builder for Hollywood movies and he offered to build a small Star Trek set for the office. "I was able to expand on the theme by finding props online and was fortunate to find two expert wood craftsman who put the final touch to my starship. I'd like to think this office is one-of-a-kind," Dr. Wada adds.

His futuristic practice is completed with high-tech optometric equipment including the EPIC-5100 workstation, Tonoref M3 autorefractor/keratometer/tonometer, and LM-1800 autolensmeter from Marco. They not only provide the technology that goes with Dr. Wada's theme, it's made his process efficient by quickly bringing all the data pulled from the TRS-5100 digital refractor, M3, and autolensmeter into his EMR system.

"The EPIC is a wow factor. Patients see the arrangement from where the doctor sits and where they sit - it's completely different from what they're used to," says Dr. Wada. His EPIC is modified to hold a slit lamp for easy patient transitioning. "Patients are in a great mood when they come in and see all the technology," says Dr. Wada. "People really are impressed by technology and I really recommend doctors to pursue that. Especially the EPIC and M3 because they make our lives easier and they make the exam process quicker and more accurate."

You can see more of Wada Optometry at

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