Larry Patterson, MD

The reason I got the OPD to begin with, we were having a lot of people who we put multi-focal implants in, and most of them were happy but a sizable minority were unhappy. And I learned later that part of that reason is that some of these people who are unhappy had some problems with their eye that we weren’t picking up. It might be a large angle kappa, it might be corneal coma, it might be dry eyes. And my original reason for buying the OPD was to help me with those patients. With a very quick OPD scan, I’m getting exactly what their mesopic and photopic pupils are. I can see what the angle kappa is, I know their spherical aberrations, their corneal coma. We have a beautiful scan where I can see their placido rings on the cornea, it gives us an idea of how much dry eye there is. There is a lot more information and you can see it all on one sheet. It’s really helpful. We probably do fewer multi-focals than we used to, but we have happier patients now.