Michael Wood, OD

I purchased my OPD Scan III about a year ago. I’m using it in my practice to increase efficiency. I previously had the OPD Scan II and I upgraded to the OPD III for the increase in technology that this unit offers. One of the things I like about my Scan III is that it gives me better measurements. So, when I send patients out for surgery we can look for toricity, corneal toricity and see if they need a toric IOL and I can explain that to the patient. Also, in contact lens fittings, the information received allows me to fit contact lenses much faster because of the information provided. From a refractive point of view, it gives me my starting point much easier so that when I see my patient it only takes me about a minute or less to refine their prescription so that it can be used in my practice. Another advantage of my Scan III is that, with my staff, it is easy to use and learn. Also, when patients come in, there’s a “wow” effect from the technology that my office has that other offices in my area do not have.