Steven Chander, OD

When you showed me that the system would not only pay for itself by facilitating the sales of multiple eyewear, but we would also be more efficient in seeing at least 2.5 more patients a day, I didn’t understand this concept until it was demonstrated. When I attended your meeting in Jacksonville, I also learned that workflow was not only your specialty in the area of refraction, but the entire process of examination. We discussed the ‘one-point’ or one touch examination whereby we see the patient from start to finish including dilation before we send out to optical … or frame select first, then examination dilation, then measurements. Brilliant! As we are able to see 4 more patients a day with workflow enhancement that we adopted over 11 years ago that you introduced us to, and we’ve enhanced and tweaked about 5 years ago when we invested in the TRS. We are looking now to add 3 more TRS systems in our clinic.