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  • #28 Preparing for Retirement with John Scibal, OD, CBA

  • #27 Co-Management Revisited

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    #1 MD/OD Conversation about Delegation of Refraction

    #2 Wavefront Refractive Technology with Marguerite McDonald, MD

    #3 Lou Catania, OD, FAAO on Co-Management in Eyecare

    #4 Changes in Ophthalmology with Dr. Richard Lindstrom

    #5 Wavefront Technology with Dr. Paul Karpecki

    #6 Value of XFRACTION with Mitch Jackson, OD

    #7 The Ophthalmology - Optometry Relationship

    #8 The OD in the Refractive Surgery Practice: with Marco Bloomenstein, OD

    #9 Trends in cataract surgery with Kerry Solomon, MD

    #10 The High-Volume Surgical Center with Jeff Wipfli, MD

    #11 Medical Prescribing of Spectacles Lenses with Kirk Smick, OD

    #12 Dori Carlson, OD on the optometric workforce supply study

    #13 Toby Tyson, MD on Ophthalmology Workforce and Access to Care

    #14 Jeff Walline, OD, and Myopia Control

    #15 Thomas Pusateri, MD on Building a Better Optical

    #16 Eric Donnenfeld, MD and the Future of Refractive Surgery

    #17 Can a Solo Practice Survive?

    #18 Private Pay with Guy Kezirian, MD

    #19 Myra Cherchio, COMT on Staffing the Ophthalmic Office

    #20 MD/OD Practice with Walt Whitley, OD

    #21 Dr. George Waring, IV on The Next Big Thing in Eyecare

    #22 Payment Models in the Eyecare Industry with Allison Shuren

    #23 Volunteering in Eyecare with John Novak, OD

    #24 Importance of Trade Shows with Timothy Petito, OD

    #25 Special Student Edition

    #26 Sue Corwin on The Metro Institute of Vision Technology and Helpful TRS-5100 Tips

    #27 Co-Management Revisited

    #28 Preparing for Retirement with John Scibal, OD, CBA

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