AT-9 Applanation Tonometer

AT-9 Applanation Tonometer


The Marco AT-9 Applanation Tonometer for the M3 & M5 Ultra M-Series model slit lamps is sleek, trim, and beautifully designed. The AT-9 is the perfect complement to the new Ultra M-Series of slit lamps, and provides us with an important piece of instrumentation.

The AT-9 Applanation Tonometer features smoother rotation and operation which allows for more accurate positioning and approach at the patient cornea.


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Slit Lamp Model Tonometer Mounts Ultra M3, Ultra M5
Tonometer Mounts M3 #1688, M5 #1687
Measurement Method Applanation type (observed with left eye on the slit lamp)
Depression Area 7.354mm2
Diameter of Measurement Depression Area 3.06mm
Measurement Range 0 ~ 80mmHg
Minimal Scale 2mmHg
Equation for Conversion from mmHg to kpa 1mmHg = 101325/760Pa = 133.3Pa 100Pa = 0.1kPa