Group: EPIC-5100 Refraction Workstation

Susan Thomas, Administrator

The EPIC allows us to have more lanes in less space, it’s more efficient, and workups are accurate and consistent, interfaced easily with the EMR system. The EPIC lets us see two to four more patients per hour.

Trent Roark, Administrator

Using the EPIC refraction system from Marco, the technician can easily show the patient the difference between his current prescription and his new refraction. That side-by-side illustration helps educate the patient on the advantage new eyewear will have for reading, driving or work.

Amber Grubb, Administrator

Our Marco EPIC systems actually pulled devices from multiple rooms into a single room and a single sitting. It’s fast, accurate and efficient, and it documents a patient’s complaint of glare, which increases the number of patients who can be reimbursed for surgery.

Tom Restivo, Administrator

The EPICs offer consistent refractive results, move patients through the practice in less time with greater satisfaction, and even reduce the square footage required in our offices. The time savings we achieve using the EPICs easily translate into greater revenue for the practice. Performing a complete workup manually can take 20 minutes or longer. With the EPIC, everything is done in one room – there’s no need to move patients from machine to machine. Visual acuity testing and refraction happen at once, and results go straight into the EMR system.

Dan D. Chambers, Administrator

While cutting work-up time and wait time is one way to find time, another is to streamline your testing process. We accomplished this with Marco’s EPIC workstation, which performs many standard tests simultaneously without moving the patient. This means no waiting or moving between routine tests.

Myra Cherchio, Administrator

In our large, high volume practice, the EPIC has been an excellent fit. The cost of the equipment is more than recaptured in staff savings and a smoother, better workflow for staff and surgeons. It also reinforces a message that we want our patients to hear: We are committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Jennifer L. Stewart, OD

The EPIC system decreases work times to less than 10 minutes, and performs the refraction in three to five minutes, saving at least five to eight minutes as compared to a traditional, manual refractor.

Ginger Ball, Lead Technician

The EPIC system isn’t just easier on doctors and techs — it’s easier for patients, too. Our patients tell us that they like the EPIC experience much better than manual refraction. They’re very happy to avoid the “Which is better, 1 or 2?” routine. Less fatigued, more engaged, better informed, and more impressed patients enhances the total practice experience.

Janet Mint, OD

The area surrounding my office was growing, the phone was ringing and I couldn’t see patients fast enough. I was turning business away because I couldn’t schedule patients for several months. After a brief transition period incorporating the Epic, I was able to almost double the number of comprehensive exams scheduled in a day. This way I was able to lessen the wait time to get an appointment in my office and capitalize on the growing population

Scot Morris, OD

The most wonderful feature about the EPIC system is its ability – with just the quick turn of one dial – to alternate between a patient’s current prescription and the “new and improved” prescription. We’ve always found it hard to tell a patient their prescription has changed, regardless of how much it changed. Now we have the ability to show them, while setting their expectations. This allows them to choose which prescription they feel they see better with.