Group: Epic Testimonials

Jennifer L. Stewart, OD

The EPIC system decreases work times to less than 10 minutes, and performs the refraction in three to five minutes, saving at least five to eight minutes as compared to a traditional, manual refractor.

Janet Mint, OD

The area surrounding my office was growing, the phone was ringing and I couldn’t see patients fast enough. I was turning business away because I couldn’t schedule patients for several months. After a brief transition period incorporating the Epic, I was able to almost double the number of comprehensive exams scheduled in a day. This way I was able to lessen the wait time to get an appointment in my office and capitalize on the growing population

Dori Carlson, OD

Marco’s EPIC system has empowered the staff by allowing them to do more with patients. Technicians conduct all the pretesting and transfer the data to the TRS console in the exam room via a credit card-sized card and I complete the refracting process with the patient. Typically, finalizing the refraction now saves me several minutes per patient and allows extra time to talk about lens choices and visual needs.

Larry Patterson, MD

We’ve been using the EPIC 5100 system from Marco for 10 years in multiple practice locations, and the system is indispensable. The primary reason for getting the EPIC was to get consistent, accurate refractions every time, no matter who did the test or who the patient was. The system also saved us time and money while making technicians and patients happier.

Richard Prince, MD

The incorporation of the new EPIC-5100 automated refraction system along with the M3/TonoRef II into our practice has not only made the routine and post-op refractions more accurate, but has improved our refractive cataract surgery work flow – the post-op interim examinations between the two surgeries is quicker, more accurate and does not require any eye drops. Our technical staff really appreciate the enhancement to their work flow as well!

JC Noreika, MD, MBA

We use the EPIC on all new patients, saving time over manual refraction. Surgical workups also take less time because patients are afforded a variety of tests at a single workstation. The need to move patients, a measurable source of wasted time, is kept to a minimum. Money is saved in many ways with the EPIC – most notably in time saved and the ability to use staff with less expertise to perform the straightforward yet sophisticated procedure.

Mitchell Jackson, MD

We’ve had an EPIC workstation for at least 15 years and the flow from day 1 has improved. We have multiple technicians – it’s great to have the technology. Our flow time between patient limiting factors now is just dilating the pupils – now we are being evaluated by the internet with all these websites and grading your practice and the biggest complaint by patients is our wait time. You have to set expectations obviously so we will tell the patients they will be there for a couple of hours for advanced diagnostics at the same time we need to maximize the flow with the OPD III, OCT, IOL master, etc. Our flow time and efficiency time has really been improved and so far we have gotten some great ratings on the internet.

Faisal Haq, MD

The EPIC refraction system from Marco has been a key addition to our practice that has helped us achieve this improved quality of care while simultaneously improving our efficiency. We purchased our first EPIC system and were so impressed with it that we added a second unit 3 months later. The system comprised of the TRS digital refractor and the integrated OPD-Scan III component, gives us a reliable, fast refraction as well as a detailed corneal analysis that aids us in multiple ways in the pre- and post-operative management of cataract patients.

Charles Collins, MD

Much of the emphasis around autorefraction is placed on the time it saves – with good reason. When I performed the refraction myself, I averaged 10 to 15 minutes per patient. Using the EPIC system, refraction takes just 2 to 3 minutes with my staff; then I validate or tweak the prescription for 1 or 2 minutes for a total of about 5 minutes. That cuts refraction times in half, and translates into me seeing 5 to 10 more patients each day.