Group: Home Testimonials

John Warren, OD

Patients really like the Xfraction process more than a traditional refraction because it’s over quicker. They are more confident about the results, it’s a different experience, and I am able to incorporate WaveFront information into determining their correct prescription. Also I am able to use the information when designing contact lenses for them whether it’s an off the shelf soft lens or customized gas permeable I design.

April Jasper, OD

With the XFRACTION system’s speed and accuracy, I was able to grow the practice in the space that I had. I now have 2,100 square feet and three lanes. At first, I thought I needed just the one system, but after only a month in the new office, I realized I needed all three lanes running with the same process. It’s been a tremendous benefit to the practice.

JC Noreika, MD, MBA

The XFRACTION Process, with the OPD-Scan III as its crown jewel, is all about diagnostic acumen and clinical outcomes, patient convenience and satisfaction, and practice process efficiency. This technology is impressive, a fact not lost on the patient who has been subjected to traditional refractions during other encounters. The XFRACTION Process changes a practice’s game because of its accuracy, ease of use, and value.”

Jennifer L. Stewart, OD

The TRS-5100 is completely programmable, allowing for the delegation of the refraction to staff, if needed. It features the ability to compare the new prescription with the old one at the touch of a button, as well as a one-touch toggle for “quick refract” series.

Oliver Lou, OD

My investment in the Marco automated refraction system has been one of the best I’ve made. The technology offers efficiency, reliability, great medical and refractive information, and a phenomenal wow factor to patients. Because of its efficiency and accuracy, it’s enabled me to consistently have one less employees and see 3-6 more patients a day. Over the last 8 years with Marco, I’ve bought 9 automated lanes and 2 OPD autorefractors. I cannot imagine how my practice could have grown so much and so fast without having integrated Marco automated refractive technology.

Andrea Knouff, OD

The Marco refraction system has completely changed the way I practice optometry. This innovative technology has enabled me to cut down on my time refracting, allowing me to spend more quality time with my patients. The ease of the system allows me to proficiently see more patients. I rarely go a day without patient commenting on how high tech my office is and how quick and painless an eye exam has become. I’ve gotten patient referrals from other customers exclusively based on how impressed they were with my equipment. In today’s internet savvy world we must stay up to date on technology and separate ourselves from the competition.

Larry Patterson, MD

The addition of the TRS-5100 takes accuracy to a whole new level and provides me with the ultimate refraction information that we’ve been seeking. Now, we have happier, more satisfied patients with fewer remakes and they enjoy less time it takes being refracted.

Janet Mint, OD

If you ask eye care practitioners what is the most important piece of equipment in their office, most will tell you it is the biomicroscope. I invested in Marco’s Ultra Series of slit lamps many years ago, and I still haven’t seen anything that compares to this level of quality.

Michael Wood, OD

I purchased my OPD Scan III about a year ago. I’m using it in my practice to increase efficiency. I previously had the OPD Scan II and I upgraded to the OPD III for the increase in technology that this unit offers. One of the things I like about my Scan III is that it gives me better measurements. So, when I send patients out for surgery we can look for toricity, corneal toricity and see if they need a toric IOL and I can explain that to the patient. Also, in contact lens fittings, the information received allows me to fit contact lenses much faster because of the information provided. From a refractive point of view, it gives me my starting point much easier so that when I see my patient it only takes me about a minute or less to refine their prescription so that it can be used in my practice. Another advantage of my Scan III is that, with my staff, it is easy to use and learn. Also, when patients come in, there’s a “wow” effect from the technology that my office has that other offices in my area do not have.

Myra Cherchio, Administrator

In our large, high volume practice, the EPIC has been an excellent fit. The cost of the equipment is more than recaptured in staff savings and a smoother, better workflow for staff and surgeons. It also reinforces a message that we want our patients to hear: We are committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology to deliver the best possible outcomes.