Marco works to help Vision is Priceless improve vision health

The Vision is Priceless non-profit was featured on local Jacksonville network Channel 4’s River City Live. The interview was set up with the Arlington Lions Club and Eye Clinic to discuss the relationship with Vision is Priceless and the wonderful vision services they provide together to the community.

Marco works closely with Vision is Priceless. In February 2018, a Vision is Priceless free clinic was held at the Marco headquarters.

  • 70 Eye Exams
  • 68 Pair of Glasses (Prescribed and Fit)
  • Scheduled 16 for follow up services:
  • Eight people referred for glaucoma issues
  • Two for cataracts
  • Three for retinal issues
  • One for glaucoma and cataracts
  • One for a cornea issue
  • One for an eye trauma issue
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