Xfraction℠ Process

The Xfraction℠ Process

The XFRACTION℠ Process is the combination of two distinct but correlated steps: Optical Path Diagnostics and professional treatment with a Wavefront Optimized Refraction. The process integrates OPD-Scan III wavefront data with TRS-6100 digital refractions. The XFRACTION℠ process can be implemented in the traditional lane or at the EPIC refractive workstation.


Superior data collection and integration for rapid understanding and assessment of patients’ complete optical pathway in a fraction of the time.


Reduce exam times (5-7 min), and maximize patient flow (adding 4-6 exams/day), Optical revenue (increases up 15-20%), and overall productivity/ ROI.


Gain enhanced patient understanding, validation of new Rx, superior outcomes, shorter visits, and greater satisfaction…while increasing practice profitability.

Optical Path Diagnostics

Optical Path Diagnostics describe the characteristics of the physiological optical system, including alignment, providing for objective refractive triage and rapid discernment of the patient’s qualification for a Wavefront Optimized Refraction. A decision tree separates patients requiring minor refinements, or full refractions, to achieve 20/20 vision. It further delineates who will not achieve 20/20 vision- and exactly why not.

Marco OPD-Scan III Accurate Diagnostics
Marco OPD-Scan 3 Wavefront Aberrometer Refraction System


The OPD-Scan III sends a battery of useful diagnostic metrics to the TRS-5100 digital refractor, while establishing the refractive starting point. The TRS completes the exam with either minor refinements (WF patients), or full refractions (AR patients).

Precision Prescriptions

Prescriptions are validated by the nearly simultaneous comparison with other options, including the old RX, objective measurement, or unaided, leading to the best final prescription according to the professional judgment of the doctor.

  • OPD-Scan III

    OPD-Scan III

    The OPD-Scan III is an autorefractor, keratometer, pupillometer (up to 9.5mm), corneal topographer, and integrated wavefront aberrometer.

  • TRS-6100


    Replacing the standard refractor, it allows practitioners to control the entire refraction process from a digital keypad.

  • EPIC-6100


    The EPIC refraction workstation decreases work-up times to less than 10 minutes and performs the refractions in 3-5 minutes.