Group: TRS-5100 Digital Refractor

Tom Mahon, OD

The TRS just works. The refraction is completely controllable without delay in response and is consistent. We’ve not had any glitches of any kind with it whereas the CV5000 is delayed in response, often sticking mid program with slow response to command and sometimes no response requiring multiple toggles or simply reboot.

Gary R. Maglio, OD

I have to say there is only one word to describe the Marco RT-5100. WOW. That word not only describes how much easier, faster, and more efficient it is to do refractions, but also is the word my patients use when I am done. They are positively amazed at the technology and convinced that my office is cutting edge and engaged in the latest and best equipment in fulfilling their eye care needs. The investment made in the purchase of the RT-5100 is an investment in patient management and patient retention. My only regret is not buying it sooner. I absolutely look forward to filling all my lanes with this system. Way to go Marco, thanks for making my life simpler.

Oliver Lou, OD

My investment in the Marco automated refraction system has been one of the best I’ve made. The technology offers efficiency, reliability, great medical and refractive information, and a phenomenal wow factor to patients. Because of its efficiency and accuracy, it’s enabled me to consistently have one less employees and see 3-6 more patients a day. Over the last 8 years with Marco, I’ve bought 9 automated lanes and 2 OPD autorefractors. I cannot imagine how my practice could have grown so much and so fast without having integrated Marco automated refractive technology.

Lori Lippiatt, OD

Marco is clearly the Industry leader with digital refraction technology, training, and support, which influenced my decision to choose Marco digital refraction systems for our busy practice. Marco has been in the eyecare industry for nearly fifty years.

Richard Levin, OD

The Marco TRS refracting system has proven to be the most significant addition ever made to our practice. The technology allows for the most comprehensive, expeditious, accurate refraction possible. The “wow” factor has increased optical sales by 15% in year one and continues to enhance the patients experience in our practice.

Andrea Knouff, OD

The Marco refraction system has completely changed the way I practice optometry. This innovative technology has enabled me to cut down on my time refracting, allowing me to spend more quality time with my patients. The ease of the system allows me to proficiently see more patients. I rarely go a day without patient commenting on how high tech my office is and how quick and painless an eye exam has become. I’ve gotten patient referrals from other customers exclusively based on how impressed they were with my equipment. In today’s internet savvy world we must stay up to date on technology and separate ourselves from the competition.

Gary Kirshner, OD

I always knew about the Marco TRS-5100 refraction system but thought it would be too expensive to incorporate into my office. Lo and behold, Marco sent an email blast last November reminding me about tax credits so I called my representative to work out some numbers and voila, I now have one of the best purchases I have made in my 34 years of practice. Not only are my patients wowed by me having the latest in refractive technology but the speed, ease and accuracy allows more time evaluating the health of their eyes.

Grady Hollenbeck, OD

I love my Marco Refracting System. The best part is being able to show the patient the difference in vision between their old prescription and new, with just the push of a button. I’ve also found I really appreciate the improved ergonomics I enjoy throughout the day.

April Jasper, OD

When I started the process of searching for an automated refracting system I didn’t know the importance of integration with EMR. I purchased my first system before EMR was popular. Now that I have been teaching others how to use EMR and have had 7 years of experience with integration of equipment I can truly appreciate the seamless integration of the Marco system. More than 50 mouse clicks are eliminated by this seamless integration and just the push of one button. The time saved in the exam room is priceless.